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364 Cell Battery

364 Cell Battery

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The Energizer 364/363 Watch Battery is a silver oxide replacement for the common watch battery sizes of 364, 363, AG1 and SR621SW. As the double numbered name suggests, this button cell battery is perfectly suited to both high drain and low drain applications and will work in watches requiring either. Made by Energizer, a brand synonymous to reliability, technology, precision, and quality, this battery will ensure that your watch will not slow down or die prematurely.

Energizer proves that its battery goes beyond your expectations. Owning a 6.8 millimetres diameter, 2.1 millimetres height, 1.55V voltage, Energizer 364 / 363 AG1 SR621SW Watch Battery boasts its high capacity per unit weight that can keep electronic watches ticking. It also has excellent leakage resistance quality due to unique sealing structure. 

If you are searching for a battery that garners the highest consumer recognition factor, then you have come to the right place. Order the Energizer 364 / 363 AG1 SR621SW Watch Battery and experience the power and reliability that only this brand of battery can give.

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