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Fireplace Cleaner

Fireplace Cleaner

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The really effective answer in removing smoke, soot and tar stains caused by wood, coal and gas fires from brick, stone, concrete, marble and other hard surfaces. It does not normally remove discolouration caused by weathering or natural impurities. Do not use on any decorated or painted slate or stone. Fireplace Cleaner eliminates the need for harsh damaging acids. Brisk brushing creates a foam which cleans smoke stains right down to the pores, without damage. We recommend Brick & Stone sealer once the fireplace has been cleaned to protect from future staining.

  • Volume: 500ml

Directions for Use:

Ensure surface to be cleaned is cool. Remove screens, fixtures etc and protect floors and carpets. Wear protective gloves and clothing.Wet the area to be cleaned with water. Pour Fireplace Cleaner onto cloth and apply to surface to be cleaned. Leave for approximately one minute and then rub vigorously with damp cloth. Rough textured or pock-marked surfaces will require brushing. An old nail or old toothbrush is ideal.Rinse area thoroughly with water and remove surface water with an absorbent cloth. If stubborn stains remain, repeat treatment.

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