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389/390 Watch Battery

389/390 Watch Battery

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The 390/389 Watch Battery from Energizer is a best in class replacement for a number of watch batteries including legacy 390 and 389 batteries. Due to clever multi-drain technology, this battery can replace both high and low drain variants making it safe for use in watches requiring either 390 or 389 replacement batteries.

Also directly compatible as a replacement to AG10 and SR1130SW batteries, it is extensively tested to power the world’s simple and greatest wrist watches

This battery can perform well under high drain or low drain situation. Possessing a compact configuration of 11.6 millimetres diameter and 3.0 millimetre height, this battery proves that watch battery size matters. It does not only keep your watches running on time but it also guarantees that it is well constructed so as to minimise the possibility of leaking.  Since watches need a constant voltage, the Energizer 390 / 389 AG10 SR1130W watch battery promises efficiency and provides flat discharge voltage curve until the last bit of electricity in its cell is squeezed out.

Buy an Energizer 390/389 watch battery for superior long performance, and quality that you can trust from the Energizer brand.

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