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Araldite Crystal Tubes

Araldite Crystal Tubes

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The Araldite® Crystal Epoxy is a strong, long-lasting solvent-free adhesive which is water-resistant and can be painted or sanded. Perfect for jobs which require invisible joins or high transparency.

Craft and hobby enthusiasts will appreciate the clear finish and Araldite® Crystal is ideaL for use on decorative or repair products including glass, jewellery, ceramics, china, and porcelain, as well as more mundane materials such as metal, wood, leather, fabrics, and rubber.

Not suitable for use on items which contact food or drink.

Araldite® Crystal will give you an initial setting time of 5 minutes with full, permanent bond strength achieved in 3 hours.

The 2-component epoxy adhesive with fast setting, and dries crystal clear. Parts repositionable for 5 minutes. Oil, chemical and impact resistant. High temperature resistance (-30°C to 80°C).

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