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CR1220 Lithium Coin Battery

CR1220 Lithium Coin Battery

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Panasonic CR1220 lithium coin cells are small, high density batteries. They have a thickness of 2mm, a diameter of 12mm and a capacity of 35mAh. They have a maximum continuous current of 0.1mA and deliver a nominal voltage of 3V. These cells are highly stable, with an operating temperature range of -30oC to +60oC.

A Panasonic CR1220 battery is a suitable replacement for a number of other cells, including the Duracell DL1220 and Maplin ZB77J units. These batteries use lithium manganese dioxide technology and have enhanced voltage stability compared to alkaline batteries. They also have very low self-discharge rates and can be stored for up to 10 years.

These batteries are ideal for low current applications which require a long lifetime such as computer memory backup systems. Panasonic CR1220 coin cells are a reliable, high performance option for powering a range of devices from blood sugar monitors to portable music players.

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