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CR1616 Lithium Coin Battery

CR1616 Lithium Coin Battery

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Panasonic CR1616 cells are an excellent choice for low-drain devices where space is at a premium. They have a diameter of 16mm and a height of 1.6mm. Using the latest lithium manganese oxide chemistry, they have a capacity of 55mAh and supply a voltage of 3V.

Panasonic CR1616 cells are highly versatile; they are compatible with many products and can replace DL1616 and L28 batteries. With very low leakage levels, lithium batteries are much safer than the zinc oxide batteries commonly supplied with products.

Panasonic are a trusted brand, manufacturing reliable, high quality batteries for small electronic devices. These Panasonic CR1616 batteries provide a safe and efficient means of powering portable devices and can be used in anything from digital thermometers to PDAs.

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