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CR1632 Battery

CR1632 Battery

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Panasonic CR1632 coin cells are manufactured to the highest standard. They feature a compact coin design with a thickness of 3.2mm and a diameter of 16mm. Lithium chemistry has been used to generate a voltage of 3V with a high capacity of 140mAh. These cells have a PCB pin terminal type and give a maximum continuous current of 0.1mA.

These Panasonic CR1632 batteries are interchangeable with many other cells, including the Varta CR1632, the Duracell DL1632, the Kodak KL1632 and the Maplin N74HW. Lithium manganese oxide cells are the most commonly used consumer grade lithium battery, capable of delivering high pulse currents.

With their long operational lifetime and compact design, Panasonic CR1632 batteries are an ideal choice for powering small, low-drain device electronic devices.

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