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CR2016 Battery

CR2016 Battery

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Panasonic CR2016 batteries are coin style cells which use lithium technology to supply a nominal voltage of 3V. These are high energy density cells with a capacity of 80 – 90mAh, a diameter of 12.5mm and a height of 1.6mm. They are stable between temperatures of -20oC and +65oC.

These batteries come in a sealed pack containing 2 units. The lithium chemistry means that these cells deliver a very stable voltage and have a long shelf life. These cells are compatible with many devices and can be used as a direct replacement for other models including the 280-202, 280-204, 280-206 and BR2016 cells.

These genuine Panasonic CR2016 batteries provide a reliable and safe method of powering small, portable electronic products.

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