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CR2450 Lithium Coin Battery

CR2450 Lithium Coin Battery

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Affordable and lightweight, the Panasonic CR2450 Coin Cell Battery (1 Pack) contains one single use, 3 volt, high quality lithium battery.

Produced with the latest in lithium-manganese oxide battery manufacturing technology, this three volt battery from Panasonic, a highly trusted brand and household name, offers an impressive price-performance ratio. With a nominal capacity of 620mAh, this battery is a popular choice for use in a wide range of CR2450 compatible devices, from wrist watches to cameras, due to its extended life cycle and its ability to provide low to high current flow instantly in response to the variable energy requirements of the many devices it powers.

With its extremely long shelf life of up to 10 years, this battery is also an ideal choice of spare battery and is guaranteed to perform at full potential when it's eventually used to replace your device's current battery.

Overall, the Panasonic CR2450 Coin Cell Battery is an excellent choice of battery that provides a stable and reliable power output and offers excellent value for money.
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