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Blu Tac Handy

Blu Tac Handy

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Bostik Blu Tack is the handiest component to have in any home, office, school, or handbag- you never know when it may be useful!

Due to its versatility and strength, you can always depend on Blu Tack saving the day.

There are many uses of this reusable adhesive; the extensive list goes far beyond sticking posters up, use it as a handy way of gripping objects to desks. Plus, it’s so stretchy and mouldable it’s great to roll about in your hand!

Did you know? When Blu Tack was originally invented back in 1970 it was white, however marketing research suggested that children may confuse it with sweets, so they made it blue hence the name “Blu” Tack.

Blu Tack is clean, grease-free, non-toxic and a great alternative to drawing pins and messy sticky tape.


  • Quantity: Single
  • 60g
  • 0.5g of Blu-Tack can hold up to 105g
  • Clean, non-toxic formula
  • Manufacturer's Product Code: 801103X
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