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Firedragon Firelighters

Firedragon Firelighters

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FireDragon Solid the all-weather ECO FRIENDLY biofuel & firelighter. Made from UK sourced ethanol, Manufactured in our own UK FireDragon factory in Cardiff, South Wales. FireDragon can be used in Multi-fuel outdoor cooking stoves, and excellent for charcoal barbecues, as well as ethanol fireplaces

FireDragon Fuel is made from rotten vegetable matter rather than being wood based. This avoids cutting down large rainforests proving that a "rubbish idea could save the planet"

FireDragon doesn't produce any harmful smoke or fumes when burning, so it doesn't taint your food when cooking.

FireDragon can be used with multi-fuel cooking stoves, indoor ethanol fireplaces and is excellent for kick starting your barbecues, fire pits or bonfires.

FireDragon is UK made in our factory in Cardiff
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