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Hotspot Coal Paint

Hotspot Coal Paint

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An ultra high temperature paint specially formulated for applying a decorative finish to new or for rejuvenating old ceramic coals used in gas fires. Coal Paint is colour fast up to 650°C and is touch dry in 2-3 hours at room temperature. 

  • Volume: 300ml
  • Matt Finish

Directions for Use:

Allow fire to cool before carefully removing coals. Remove loose paint, dust and debris with a brush and ensure surfaces are dry before commencing painting. Spread out coals onto an old newspaper. Before spraying, shake can vigorously for one minute, and again between Bursts. Spray thinly, two thin coats are more effective than one thick coat. Allow 2-3 hours to dry between coats. After use, invert can and spray for a few seconds to clear nozzle. Allow at least 24 hours before re lighting the fire. If painting is performed in situ, carefully mask over the pilot light assembly and any surrounding fitments and carpets that do not require painting. Cover any furnishings and carpets. Occasional highlights may appear on the renovated matt coals this is perfectly normal and enhances their appearance.

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