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Hotspot Slate Oil

Hotspot Slate Oil

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Hotspot slate oil seals and protects tired looking slate, enhancing its natural beauty. It may slightly deepen the natural colour. The sealer repels dirt & water whilst allowing slate to breathe.

  • Volume: 100ml

Directions for Use:

Shake bottle well before use. Cover and protect all fabrics, carpets etc. Ensure surface is clean, dust and grease free. Using a soft lint free cloth, apply slate oil evenly & sparingly. Allow 2 hours to touch dry. 

Please Note: It can be streaky if they've applied too much and/or not applied evenly. In this case it can be removed using white spirit or cellulose thinners. If not removing easily, they can use wire wool gently with the spirit or thinners.

The Slate oil is now a water based, non-hazardous formula. Previous Oil based version is no longer available.

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