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3-Tier Metal Cake Storage Tin

3-Tier Metal Cake Storage Tin

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When your sweet treats are that yummy, you certainly don't want them to go to waste. Lock in the freshness and flavour for longer with the KitchenCraft Living Nostalgia Three-Tier Metal Cake Storage Tin. With its airtight seal and traditional English Sage finish, it’s just right for storing cakes, biscuits, pastries and lots more.

If you like baking, you’ll love this elegant and practical storage solution (and not just because of its contents). You can cook up some cupcakes for a bake sale, and store them away for the big day. Or, if you accidentally bake too much, you can ensure the leftovers stay just as delicious when you next tuck in. It’s also ideal for professional bakers or patisseries who want an elegant way to store and present their scrumptious stock.

Like all of KitchenCraft's Living Nostalgia products, this cake tin set is inspired by the charm of vintage style. Finished with a powder coating of Living Nostalgia's classic English Sage palette, it's sure to look lovely adorning your kitchen worktop.

  • Measures22 x 27 cm
  • Hand wash only
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