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Scoot Fox Repellant 2 x 50gm

Scoot Fox Repellant 2 x 50gm

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Scoot protects against fox fouling, digging, urinating and scent marking. Scoot works by creating an artificial 'scentmark' that deters the fox from returning to the area in order to avoid potential conflict. Scoot can be used on and around borders, fruit and vegetable crops, lawns, trees, shrubs and hard surfaces.

The humane approach to urban fox control. Encouraging foxes to keep away from areas where they are not welcome without causing harm to flora, fauna or the environment. 

50g of Scoot is sufficient to make 9 litres of solution, which treats 16m2

  • Pet friendly
  • For use on lawns, trees, shrubs, seeds, fruit and vegetable crops, bulbs and hard surfaces
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