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Stain Away

Stain Away

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HG stain away no. 1 - this stain remover for clothes works as red wine stain remover, coffee & tea stain remover, chocolate stain remover, ketchup stain remover, fruit stain remover, mustard stain remover, jam stain remover, ink stain remover, vegetable and fruit juice stain remover, urine & perspiration stain remover, curry and perfume stain remover. HG stain away no. 1 is one of our 7 special HG stain away products.


  • 50ml
  • Effective, good stain remover for clothes
  • Suitable for a lot of different types of stains


Each numbers clears these stains:

  1. Coffee, tea, cocoa, ketchup, fruit, mustard, jam, red wine & ink
  2. Felt-tip pen, grease, oil & shoe polish
  3. Candle-wax, resin & tar
  4. Sauce, gravy, spices, blood, egg white & milk
  5. Make-up, grass, pollen, marker-pen & chewing-gum
  6. Ballpoint pen & stubborn colouring
  7. Rust
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