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Watch Battery 384/392

Watch Battery 384/392

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384/392 AG3 Button Cell Batteries power many of today's high-end analogue and digital watches. This battery provides ample power to keep your watch running for longer and is a reliable choice. Unlike other common brands of battery, the 384/392 AG3 gives you a long-lasting power that makes it a much more economical choice. The Energizer 384/392 battery performs well in high and low drain watches meaning that it is a perfect replacement for both 384 and 392 legacy watch batteries.

The 384/392 AG3 Button Cell also works well in a variety of other electronic devices. Because of its high-energy, it is able to keep the power going in the devices that you use every day. This battery works well in watch battery replacement, pens, electronic toys; and much more. It is the perfect replacement battery to meet your energy needs and provide the power your device requires for long life.

Unlike many batteries, the 384/392 AG3 has a long shelf life, allowing you to stock up on as many as you like so that you never run out.

384/392 batteries are also known as SR41 or SR736SW batteries. Their IEC names are LR736 (alkaline) and SR736 (silver-oxide), while their ANSI/NEDA names are 1135SO and 1134SO (both silver-oxide) batteries. The 384/392 battery has the following dimensions: 7.9mm in diameter and 3.6mm in thickness with 45mAh nominal capacity. This 1.5 volts battery has an operating temperature range of -10C to +50C.

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